fuzzy friends

Cell Leader: becca ahern

Volunteering times:  

  • Mon & Wed through Sat @ 10 am to 5 pm

  • Tues @ 1pm to 5 pm

how is your cell unique?

Our cell is unique due to the freedom to come and go whenever works in your schedule and it is a great way to destress from school while serving the Waco community and giving these animals love and care and help find them a forever home.

what do you do there?

We work with cats, in small dog kennels, and large dog kennels

  • with Cats:

    •  You will be petting and playing with cats!  You will be spending time to socializing with them and giving the cats some exercise. 

  • with small dogs:

    • You will be cleaning kennels, playing with small dogs in their kennel, walking them on a leash, socializing them with other dogs, moving them to and from the indoor and outdoor kennels, and helping with any other tasks needed. 

  • with large dogs:

    • You will be assigned a large dog in which you will come once or more a week to walk them on a leash, socialize with them, and then report on their progress. You will have the opportunity to walk multiple dogs.