Officer Positions

Check back October 2nd for the application!

Application can be found HERE!

  • Please check out the descriptions of the position you are applying for before submitting your application.

  • Requirements for applying:

    • Shadowing the officer currently holding the position

    • Being an active member for the semester (the more hours the better!)

    • Emailed before the deadline of OCTOBER 27, 2019 at NOON!

Cell Leader Positions

Check back later this semester for Cell Leader Applications!

Have you enjoyed volunteering in your cell? Do you want to go above and beyond in your service to your cell? Well, apply HERE if you’d like to be a cell leader and guide your batch of volunteers!

Email questions to Rebecca Sobolewski!

Committee Positions

Currently closed! Please check back next semester!

  • Media Committee

    • The Media Committee allows members to experience and develop the skills required to keep a large organization connected. Photography and graphic design experience are not required.

    • The application for the Media Committee can be found HERE! This application is submitted via Google Forms.

  • Fundraising Committee

    • The Fundraising Committee assists the Fundraising Chair with fundraising activities. Tasks may include but are not limited to: brainstorming, staffing fundraising events, marketing, and handling funds.

    • The application for the Fundraising Committee can be found HERE! This application is submitted via Google Forms.

  • Service Committee

    • The Special Events Service Committee helps the VP of Service prepare special service events throughout the semester. Committee members are required to attend a number of weekend service events and assist with preparations, as needed.

    • The application for the Special Events Service Committee can be found HERE! This application is submitted via Google Forms.

  • Social Committee

    • The Social Committee assists the Social Chair in planning, organizing, and executing social events. Applicants must be creative, positive, and dependable.

    • The application for the Social Committee can be found HERE!

  • Banquet Committee

    • This committee will be in charge of planning and organizing the MSO’s Banquet. If you would like to get leadership experience, more involved with MSO, or are interested in my position as VP of Administration, I would encourage you to apply!

    • The application for the Banquet Committee can be found HERE!

  • Academics Committee

    • The Academics Committee is a new committee that will work on creating academic programs alongside the Academics Chair. Applicants must be have been active in two semester in MSO to be seriously considered, as this is its first semester.

    • The application for the Academics Committee can be found HERE!