CELL LEADER: Kat Praschak


  • Fri @ 3:00 to 5:00 pm

  • Sat @ 12:00 to 2:00 pm


Ridgecrest is unique in that we get to serve the same community every week. We get to build relationships and lasting memories with the residents. We see familiar faces every time we serve, and they also begin to recognize our faces. Another unique experience at Ridgecrest is that we are able to learn from some of Waco’s wisest by listening to their stories and life advice. Not only do we care about the residents but they also care greatly about us! You will always leave Ridgecrest feeling uplifted.

What has been your favorite experience at this cell?

I just love seeing all the residents faces when we come to serve. Their faces light up with smiles that are contagious. It’s very special to build relationships with the residents, and I have especially grown close to a couple of the residents. Every Saturday, one of the residents watches college football, and I always enjoy watching and talking football with her. I also enjoy listening to music with the residents.

What are some specific tasks a volunteer could expect at this cell?

A volunteer could expect to talk with residents. We always help wheel the residents down to an activity for the day. Typical activities include: bingo, balloon baseball, painting nails, listening to live music, and crafts. On Saturdays, we serve a treat (typically ice cream) to the residents after lunch.